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Unconventional Colour Pallets are The New Normal for Homes in Delhi-NCR By: WireDus, July 26, 2018

Colours add a life to anything! We all seek happiness and peace in our little abode and colours in a way brighten up our lives and the world around us. They have a huge control over our moods and thoughts. The colours pallets of your home are a direct reflection of your persona. In short, they define who you are.

Today where everything is getting a makeover, real estate builders and interiors designers are also trying their hands on providing an inimitable experience to the homebuyers. Seeing the current market trends, unconventional colour pallets are the new normal. Playing a game of tones, interiors designers are setting the colour schemes keeping in mind the value of space and how one would feel while sitting there. The top builders in Delhi-NCR market (especially new real estate projects in Noida) have got a fair knowledge about the colour taste of homebuyers and hence they are using distinctive colour pallets to add a spark the homes.

Here are some colour pallets for different parts of the home which are trending in the market:

Monochromatic: Monochrome is no more monotonous. Choosing a single colour is certainly easier than trying to pair two (or more) together but it can be uninteresting and might go wrong sometimes. Hence, interior designers are using a monochromatic colour scheme in a much different way than normal. To make the bedroom more interesting and lively, they are using varying tints and shades of a single colour. Monochromatic colours that are in fashion are serene blue, tangy orange, elegant white, sophisticated grey, bright purple and so on.

Giving the space a contemporary setting, interior designers are using this monochromatic colours majorly in bedrooms.

Analogous: These are everybody’s favourite. Here designers choose three family colours that appear next to each other on the colour wheel. Colours like green-orange-yellow together will create an interesting, harmonious and slightly monochromatic look for any room of the house.

Analogous combinations are majorly used for sitting areas like dining rooms and lounge.
Some other unconventional colour pallets which are trending are- the contrast, which is more dramatic and another one is complementary where two opposing colours used together to create a dramatic, bold and high defining colour outline.

With changing, times and fashion builders and interior designers are also changing the way they used to work. Catering to niche buyers and to be in the game, ongoing projects in Noida and upcoming residential projects in the city are adopting the current colour fashion trend.