ATS Bouquet, Noida Expressway

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About ATS Bouquet, Noida Expressway

Where Business Comes First

First from ATS

ATS has built a name for itself in real estate development that equals, indeedexcels, the finest. A name built on the firm foundations of trust, transparencyand demonstrated excellence. And one which has delivered project afterproject, appreciated widely for its high quality of construction and timelycompletion. The focus on detail and on excellence has also helped ATS earnthe reputation that ranks it among the country’s most preferred developers.

And now the first ATS commercial venture of IT/ITeS is set to move your business forward, raise your reputation sky-high among your peers, amongyour clients and your customers. ATS Bouquet is the truly spectacular entryof ATS as a one-of-its-kind office and retail complex. Capturing this nugget ofa property are three towers spread over 7.5 acres situated in Sector 132, theheart of the commercial hub on Noida Expressway.

First In Quality

Your business is meant to stand tall and tower over your competition. Theseamless business aura and substance delivered by ATS Bouquet has featureafter feature that sets it apart (state-of-the-art entrance lobbies, AutomaticFire Supression and Detection system, Wi-Fi enabled office spaces, CCTV incommon areas, spacious high speed passenger lifts, premium external finishwith a mix of glazing , aluminium panelling, stone and exterior paint aestheticallydesigned).

Replete with cutting edge facilities that the latest technology has to offer;designed, constructed, finished with meticulous attention to detail which is anATS hallmark, and very importantly, located within easy and quick access toNew Delhi and Greater Noida. An address you will consider convenient andprestigious. With the bonus of plush green landscapes that will create theserenity that hectic office complexes so need and appreciate.


Location advantage

  • Located in Sector 132, Noida Expressway
  • 11 km from Film City
  • 10 km from Sector 18, Noida
  • 10 km from Kalindi Kunj
  • 15 km from Mayur Vihar
  • 19 km from Yamuna Expressway
  • 18 km from Pari Chowk
  • 22 km from Nehru Place

First In class Business Centre

Today a Business Centre demands many new and sophisticated facilities, forexecutives, directors, clients and associates to operate at maximum efficiency.ATS Bouquet covers the entire gamut in a streamlined manner. Keeping aspectsof design and materials that you and your clients will greatly appreciate. So now, the upcoming Sector 132 on the Noida Expressway, humming withactivity, will offer you ATS Bouquet. Combined elegantly with the 90% areadedicated to high-rise office buildings will come high-end brands and luxuryshopping in a low-rise complex.

The contemporary exteriors inspired by Chicago’s Art Deco architecture blendswith the convenience of heat resistant glass, energy efficient lighting and worldclass security systems. Apart from dedicated drop off areas for retail and officetowers comes well-planned surface and 2 levels of basement parking. No aspectof convenience is missed out.

Key to the first

At work on 7.5 acres for ATS are chosen building professionals of a very highorder: architects, engineers and craftsmen fully qualified to realise the excellenceof design, business efficiency, comfort and style. They are fully qualified for thischallenge.

Their brief is to ensure that a state-of-the-art business/office/retail complex isreadied for clients who are all set to hit the high point in their careers and theirorganisations. For both scale and detail you will be delighted with what you seeat ATS Bouquet. And reassured that it comes to you from a source as provenand reliable as ATS.


  • Flexible office spaces
  • Sustainable green building design
  • Provision of air-conditioning in office spaces with central system on adequate diversity factor, fresh air provision in common area/corridors
  • Ground floor entrance lobby with state-of-the-art interiors
  • Landscaped Terraces/Rooftops
  • Adequate capacity high-speed passenger lifts
  • Premium external finish with mix of glazing, aluminium panelling, stone & exterior paint as per architect
  • Automatic fire suppression and detection system
  • Fresh air provision in common area/corridors
  • Wi-Fi enabled office spaces
  • Security system with access control, CCTV in common areas
  • Adequate provision of space for car parking
  • Easy access to proposed amenities like multi-cuisine restaurant/coffee shops, business center, open food kiosk, convenient shopping etc in IT/ITeS facility block

Green is always first

In conceptualising and adopting the latest in modern engineering, ATS believesin both respecting and enjoying the environment. Naturally, the views and thelandscaping are enchantingly unspoilt.

Success is not brick and mortar, chrome and metal alone. It must be sustainedby greenery and sunlight that create not just splendid views but a cleaner,kinder air. With a certified Green Building design, this ATS office and retailcomplex is genuinely a well-crafted bouquet of nature meeting technology,and warmly shaking hands with it. The terraces and rooftops too hold out foryou, your clients, your associates, a green freshness that their hectic scheduleswould find most welcome.

There’s more to first

Your success in business and progress must be guaranteed by your workplace.But that needs, most certainly, to be complemented with an experience ofleisure, yes, some moments of respite and refreshment.

And ATS Bouquet arranges that in ample measure: low-rise building complexeswith business centre, entertainment, games, gymnasia, crèche, yoga centre,restaurants and cafes. All these will be highly accessible in terms of parkingand proximity to office spaces. ATS Bouquet masterminds a work-life balancethat no forward-looking business can choose to ignore. So that, when you areworking late you are not denied the comfort of home or club. Indeed, you maychoose that your family and friends join you there! And congratulate you onyour decision to trust yourself and your business to ATS. At ATS Bouquet.

Floor Plans


  • Granite/imported marble/equivalent material in entrance lobby
  • Vitrified tiles/granite or equivalent in lift lobbies/common corridor
  • IPS/kota stone in service lift lobby/basement lift lobby & staircase
  • Ceramic anti-skid tiles in common toilets
  • Office bare shell with plastered walls

Appropriate finish with mix of glazing, stone & external grade paint


As per standard practice, all internal plumbing in GI/CPVC/Composite. All external in CI/UPVC. Automated irrigation system


Premium sanitary fixtures & all chrome plated fittings


Provision of air-conditioning in office spaces with central system on adequate diversity factor. Fresh air provision in common area/corridors


Adequate capacity high speed lifts


DG power back up with suitable diversity


Provision for optical fibre network; Video surveillance system, Perimeter Security and Entrancelobby Security with CCTV cameras; Fire prevention, suppression, detection & alarm system asper fire norms

Note : ATS reserves its right to change the area and specifications without prior notice; if the area differs at the time of possession,cost would be adjusted upwards or downwards, as the case may be. Variation in area shall not exceed 10%.

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