Why Gurugram is gaining prominence: ATS Marigold making the mark By: WireDus, December 1, 2023

When we talk about investing in residential properties, one of the imperative drivers of decision making is location. Buyers have now become more aware and informed about where to invest their money and resources. They look for properties that are conveniently located, offer plush amenities, and are well connected to all major city hotspots and travel junctions, such as airports, railway stations, metro, etc.

One such place that stands out is Gurugram, also known as the millennium city. This place is gaining prominence for many real estate developers and investors owing to a multitude of reasons. It has witnessed an upswing in demand across the entire residential housing diapason, all-pervasive of luxury, affordable options, independent houses, floors, and plots. 

Amidst the increasing prices, Gurugram still shows an impressive upward trajectory, thrusting the region’s real estate realm into a phase of sustained growth and development. 

Let us now delve deeper to understand what makes Gurugram an alluring destination for real estate. 

  1. A strategic geographical location

Gurugram is strategically located in close proximity to the NCT of Delhi. It’s well connected road transport and expressways facilitate easy commuting to and from the city. Airport connectivity and high speed metro routes are wired into the infrastructure mapping that further the preference of Gurugram as an ideal location for investment.

  1. Growth is synonymous to Gurugram

A recent data reveals that Gurugram has witnessed a stirring growth (QoQ) of 28.9% in property demand, acing ahead of the national average of 10.4%. This is attributed to the blooming status of Gurugram as a commercial, technological hub that pulls a workforce in search of quality housing solutions. Gurugram has successfully poised itself to be the preferred and primary destination for residential investments.

  1. New Business Capital 

Gurugram is becoming a preferred location for many organizations to open up their offices owing to space constraints in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. The city’s affordability and open office spaces have propelled small companies to set up their hub here. A well-maintained and robust infrastructure is one of the critical factors that has enticed small and new businesses to begin operations in this city. With operations in Gurugram, the workforce is well suited to look for housing options in this region.

  1. Lifestyle that is class apart, luxurious and abundant 

Gurugram offers a buzzing environment with a plethora of entertainment, dining, and shopping options. The city is host to millennium malls, multiplexes, restaurants, nightlife, and recreational hubs. Adding to this are international schools that offer contemporary grooming, healthcare facilities that are top-notch and premium residential projects that ameliorate an abundant living experience.

  1. Appreciation potential 

Investing in Gurugram offers a high and lucrative return option. The city has already gained the status of Millennium City and is poised to grow along a steeper accent upwards in the coming years. Factors that fuel this trajectory of growth are robust economic growth, significant investments, high-intention NRI investors, increasing demand for quality and an enhanced living experience. Investors have an option to benefit from high rental incomes (which are due to increase further owing to property appreciation and surge in demand), making it an appealing long-term investment option.

  1. Dwarka Expressway stealing the limelight – a prime choice where exceptional location and connectivity mod con converge

Dwarka Expressway is location-friendly and offers excellent connectivity for its residents. It is not only connected to Indira Gandhi International Airport but also offers smooth access to major business hubs, making it an idyllic preference for luxury home buyers. This area is flushed with residential projects that boast modern amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities that elevate it to the status of a holistic real estate offering. 

ATS Marigold- in the heart of Gurugram, effulgent on Dwarka Expressway

Situated in the lap of nature, ATS Marigold is your home where healthy living begins. An exceptional offering from ATS Infrastructure, this property is strategically located on the Dwarka Expressway, in close proximity to the metropolitan convenience of Delhi, well connected to Indira Gandhi International Airport, well established road network, metro, and much more. The wide open outdoors welcome you in the arms of natural abundance. There is nothing that ATS Marigold doesn’t offer. It is a flourished abode, nestled in the greens, offering a healthy lifestyle and an exotic living experience to its residents. The property is occupied by recreational spaces, a kids zone, sports facilities, and health and rejuvenation zones. 

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Conclusion: Embrace prosperity by investing in Gurugram 

Gurugram stands as a thriving and prosperous investment opportunity in the real estate market. Its enthralling commercial and residential landscape, end-to-end connectivity, modern infrastructure, and lifestyle amenities make it a magnetic choice for investors and buyers alike. Investors can garner promising returns by leveraging the region’s growth potential.