Unlocking Value: The Insider’s Guide to Investment in Under-Construction ATS Destinaire By: WireDus, January 31, 2024

When taking into consideration the purchase of a high-end residential property, the primary focus many a times revolves around selecting between under-construction and ready-to-move-in apartments. Determining the right option between the aforementioned options necessitates an evaluation of their pros and cons. Buying a ready-to-move-in apartment can be a joyful experience, but there are also benefits to consider when buying an apartment that is still under construction. 

Opting for an under-construction apartment is a wise move, given the opportunity to buy a quality apartment at a lower price. However, making this decision is not an easy task, emphasising the significance of a well-considered choice. It is wiser to make an informed decision than making rushed decisions.

Why must home buyers and investors consider the under-construction ATS Destinaire?

Home buyers and investors often prefer purchasing an under-construction home over a completed project, given the benefits associated with it, right from lower prices, flexibility of payments, and a higher likelihood of price appreciation. Let’s delve into the perks of buying an under-construction ATS Destinaire: 

• The primary reason for this preference is the significantly lower price compared to a finished project. The under-construction apartment can cost approximately 10-30% less in comparison to ready-to-move-in apartments. As construction progresses, there is a high likelihood of increased appreciation in value. Additionally, the improvements in nearby infrastructure enhance its value. By the time the apartment is handed over to the first-time home buyer or investor, the price point has already risen.

• Homebuyers or investors interested in ready-to-move-in apartments are required to make the full payment upfront. However, with under-construction properties such as ATS Destinaire, there is greater flexibility in the payment process. Buyers have the option to book the apartment by paying a token amount and can settle the remaining amount over an extended period, extending until the construction is completed.

• By the time the construction is finalised, homebuyers move into newly constructed apartments with few to no maintenance issues. Additionally, the buyers can relish the most up-to-date amenities and facilities. When it comes to pre-built apartments, the home-buying experience might be compromised if the construction is old.

• The key distinguishing factor for ready-to-move-in properties is their immediate readiness for occupancy. This is why buyers rarely get any promotions or discounts for such properties. On the other hand, under-construction projects often feature several schemes and offers that can meet different preferences and requirements.

• Every property is RERA-registered, whether under construction or ready to buy. Properties like ATS Destinaire, with a valid RERA number and all required licences and approvals, can be trusted for purchase by buyers. This project is under-development by ATS Greens, a credible real estate developer with a track record of many successful projects.

• The strategic location of this under-construction ATS Destinaire project draws the attention of potential home buyers and investors. It is located in Sector 1, Greater Noida West, where all essential facilities, such as educational institutions and hospitals, are nearby. This premium residential property is surrounded by man-made forest developed using the unique technique known as the Miyawaki Dense Forest technique. In comparison to traditional forests, this forest technique can absorb up to 30 times more carbon dioxide, reducing a substantial amount of noise and dust.

• The amenities provided exclusively to buyers are not limited to access to an open gym, badminton court, basketball court, swimming pool, skating rink, and indoor squash court. It is just 10 minutes from Sector 78 metro station, 20 minutes from Sector 18, 5 minutes from Kisaan Chowk, and 3 minutes from the FNG corridor. The area is also renowned for its planned infrastructure and development.

• Another benefit of investing in the under-construction ATS Destinaire is the spacious layout. This expansive project offers just two apartments on each floor. Designed by Hafeez Contractor, an Indian architect renowned for his work on many skyscrapers in India, the project draws inspiration from the timeless Spanish architectural style.


In the past, homebuyers or investors typically opted for ready properties over under-construction properties to stay away from the problem of possession delays. Moreover, the implementation of the RERA Act has empowered homebuyers or investors to confidently opt for under-construction properties, provided they possess a valid RERA number and are developed by reputable builders, like ATS. Investing in an under-construction ATS Destinaire will prove to be a fruitful investment decision.