“A happy family is but an earlier heaven”

We create homes where families find their heaven. There are 26,000+ happy families owning property in ATS and more than 141 defense officers and a large number of senior government officials and private sector officials, which includes CEOs, MDs, commissioners, ex-cabinet ministers and so on. They are a proud owners of an excellent house at ATS.

I always take guests to the club or the pool for a while. Their eyes pop open when they see what we have. Every complex has a pool these days, but at ATS it's extra special. You feel like you're in Europe or somewhere.

DR. (COL.) PRASANTA KUMAR GHOSH ATS Infrastructure Limited II, Noida

I don't feel I'm living in an urban apartment block. It's like having a home in a holiday resort. The grounds are beautiful and spacious and so green, that I feel bad for people who don't live in ATS.

PUNEET NAGI ATS Village, Noida

When we visit our friends in other colonies, we realise how lucky we are to be in ATS Village. This project has good planning; and that means good everyday living.


The neighbours here are a lot like we are, so we get along very well together. It's as if we're living in a colony of friends.

AMAN NANDA ATS Infrastructure Limited Village, Noida

I'm happy I chose to make my home here. The location is amazing - convenient but not congested, like some parts of Noida. I think ATS has a knack for choosing the best locations.

SUDESH BHAGAT ATS Infrastructure Limited-1, Noida

As a woman, I appreciate the value of a practically-designed home, and ours is a joy to live in. The kitchen must have been designed by someone who loves cooking.

MEGHNA ATS Infrastructure Limited Village, Noida

All my life, I've had neighbours – you know their names and say 'Good morning'. But it changed when we came to ATS. Neighbours become friends very quickly here.

AMIT CHIBBA ATS Infrastructure Limited Village, Noida

We enjoy going to the clubhouse in the evening. The kids go for a swim, and we catch up with friends there or play bridge together.

PRIYANKA VAID ATS Infrastructure Limited Village, Noida

I think the club plays a large role in bringing people together.

DR. SANJEEV SHARMA ATS Paradiso, Greater Noida