Inheritance of class

When was the last time you felt like a child?

Stumbling upon a simple idea that life could be happy and perfect. Just as perfect as a story you had longed for, lived every day and loved forever. It’s time to relive that story. Conveniently located in Sector 152 on the Noida Expressway, ATS Sports Resort reflects the concept of bespoke living. ATS Sports Resort, a sublime address that speaks for itself. Ever after.

Reflects your persona

A man is known by the august company he keeps. By the aura he creates in the midst of his peers. And certainly, by the trail of envy he leaves behind. In other words, what the nouveau riche and wannabes actually dream of achieving but never make it. Welcome to the members-only, Club Augustus – the destination of those who’ve truly arrived in life. A definitive rendezvous for the accomplished, Club Augustus is the place where our members step out as the who’s who in town. Immerse yourself into the languid waves of our olympic-sized pool, savour a tipple at our well-appointed watering hole, pump up your adrenaline with a few games of tennis, make new friends, remember the old ones; the list can go on… matching your moods, musings and memes.

Catch the action in style

ATS Sports Resort, an international-standard cricket stadium, is truly a big-ticket to an unrivalled extravaganza. Two lush bowls slope up from the cricket field that give a dynamic view to the proceedings. In fact, the upper bowl gives a true vantage view. Furthermore, terraces are designed into adjacent buildings, which also double up as viewing decks for the spectators. So, step into the shoes of a cricketer and enjoy that matchless experience with your friends and colleagues.

Splash on like an Olympian

You’re welcome to experience the magic of one of the most technologically advanced and state-of-the-art olympic-sized pools in the vicinity. The pool is provided with ample setting space and changing rooms next to it. You can choose your very own version of lane swimming, get specialist swimming lessons, or simply take a dip with your family and kids.

Kick-start your weekends like never before

Get a feel of the big games, when you put on your jersey and walk on the pitch. The FA-compliant, U16 football field is an ideal venue for not just training and skill development, but for games as well. The spectators can be comfortably accommodated on the berms surrounding the field. It’s time your inner Maradona feels liberated for a gruelling tournament or perhaps a few friendlies.

Walk tall as a winner

The basketball courts are designed as per international standards; the kind you’ll find in New York and Washington Pro Leagues. Spectators can be comfortably accommodated on the surrounding berms. Slam-dunk anyone?

Tennis Courts: Perfectly served for the player in you

ATS Sports Resort has many state-of-the-art tennis courts to stimulate the sportsman in you. Ensconced in the lush green surrounding, the tennis courts are built to rejuvenate your sporting experience. Now, the ball is in your court.

Pamper the sports lover in you

Now, here’s a place for the ultimate sports aficionados. Bump into the Sports Cafe at ATS Sports Resort to indulge with friends and folks to chat over coffee and food, with flashy screens playing live matches. Gossip, chit-chat and relish the sumptuous drinks and food as you step into this party house of sorts.

Turn your parties into happening events

Step into the grand and spacious Banquet Hall at ATS Sports Resort, with an ability to host nearly 2000 guests. One glimpse at the surreal architecture and design will leave you swooning with delight. Witness the joyous assembly of people like never before.

Mix your business with pleasure

ATS Sports Resort Service Apartments, conveniently located in the central business district, connects you to all the modern facilities and amenities in the city. Custom-made apartments with a concierge service ideally conceptualised to turn your business into pleasure.

A haven for gastronomes and gourmets

Step in for an experience your taste buds will love. Whether it’s a power breakfast, business lunch or fine-dining, we’ve got the spread you would very much savour. Our a la carte delicacies are fit for a king and speak of a gastronomic culture that very few accomplished foodies can understand. The memory, taste and aroma are certain to evoke a pang of nostalgia every time you dine in.

A hard day doesn’t need to end in a hard way

The secret to a truly unwinding experience ends here. A whiff of calmness welcomes your tired body as you step in. A gorgeous setting beckons to your soul. A hard day culminates in utter relaxation that lasts long after you’ve turned in your robe. Discover rejuvenating treatments for the body, mind and spirit from a range of therapies like acupressure, meditation, reiki, naturopathy, pranic healing, hydrotheraphy, ayurveda, yoga and chakra cleansing.

Here’s to the brawn and brain

We believe the strength of a character can’t be muscled in. It needs to be carefully toned. Literally. Welcome to The Gym – where the art of well-being is taught with a unique four-step journey that helps you keep fit through exercise, relaxation and nutrition imbibed into your hectic lifestyle with customised personal trainer services, including Zumba and aerobics. Our state-of-the-art trainers aren’t all brawn and no brain. They bring to the table, years of dedicated learning and practice, so you can discover your own strength that leave you invigorated.

Dive into the waterworld

Dip into paradise, immerse into the languid waves of the Infinity Pool. Soak up the breathtaking views with half asleep eyes. The Infinity Pool — our prescription for a water lover. Displaying a mosaic-tiled Hawaiian flower design, the Infinity Pool is a visual stunner from all corners. Feel free to lounge by the poolside with a mocktail in your hand while you watch your kids splash around and enjoy themselves.

For the write reasons

They say, a book is a dream that you hold in your hand, till you write one yourself. It’s pretty much the same philosophy we adhere to when it comes to our Book Lounge. A haven of serenity that lets you take your individual journeys from a mystique haiku to a whodunnit, a travelogue to a relived classic. Our Book Lounge is a well-appointed place that bridges between a reading room and a cafe, which not only gives you food for thought, but to munch and snack as well. Laze in, write your own piece.

Walk onto an ancient path of Yoga

Take a leaf out of the 5000-thousand year old body of knowledge, and delve into the deepest nooks of your consciousness at our Yoga Cave. Twist. Turn. Stretch. Meditate. Discover the ancient secrets of Yoga with simple and effective postures and breathing techniques, which will harmonise the well-being of your mind with the hidden elements of human existence. Liberate your mind from the humdrum and daily grind, in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Footloose and free spirits

Walk the talk is passé. Time to dance the talk. Let your steps do the talking while you get busy acknowledging the adulation. Our dance room is an ideal platform for the wannabes as well as the pros to learn and rehearse; it comes equipped with hardwood floors and mirrors on the wall and built-in AV facilities to give it the touch of a studio. Feel like a superstar, whenever you feel like.

You’re in good hands

Need a good hand? Need a great partner? The Card Room unveils a lot of opportunities for the card lovers. A stately appointed room with classic, ornate furnishings, the Card Room takes you back to the good old days.

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