About ATS

In 1998, ATS Infrastructure Ltd. originated under the flagship of Mr Getamber Anand, as an emerging new response to the growing need for quality housing and residential real estate development specifically in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR)

Featured Projects

With every project, we believe in providing our customers with the experience of a high - end lifestyle. Our featured projects showcase our recent works that continue to engage in conservation through design, quality, and creativity.

The ATS Lifestyle

With each project, we raise our benchmarks and constantly strive to achieve them, with a focussed approach through professionalism and transparency - making your life a better experience. The ATS homes offer an exclusive living experience with lush green surroundings, modern architecture, world-class amenities and a host of convenient facilities.

Life at ATS

Life at ATS


The Better Way Home
  • 2.5Million sq. m of residential space already delivered
  • 1.9Million sq. m under construction
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Construction-drivenreal estate organization

Growing exponentially in both quality and profitability, ATS has come a long way setting new benchmarks in the real estate sector. With a myriad of world-class projects under its name, ATS has attained recognition in the real estate industry for its unprecedented standards in architecture, design and aesthetics.