Let us make a pledge today. Together. To support one another. Shoulder to Shoulder. To create landmarks that will withstand the test of time. Icons. To work towards the growth of the organisation and each one of us individually. Sincerely. Let us make this pledge today. Together.

Mr. Getamber Anand
Chairman, ATS Infrastructure Ltd

Strategic Direction

ATS at a Glance

ATS has come a long way since, setting new standards in the real estate space with each project better than the previous one, while growing exponentially both in quality and customer base. ATS witnessed phenomenal growth with nearly 40 million square feet of residential space already delivered and 30 million square feet underway, 4500 dedicated workforce, extraordinary in-house design and construction, security, facility and maintenance teams and unmatched brand equity. ATS aspires to deliver an average of 5 million square feet of residential development annually and expand its footprints in different geographies across the country.

ATS homes are known for carrying a soul of their own. With green surroundings, modern architecture, world-class amenities and a host of convenient facilities every ATS home is a story in itself.

A Decentralized Company

ATS is an organisation in which the company executives play an important decision-making authority as frontline and local managers, while reserving all critical decisions at the top. We are benefitting from our decentralised structure as it allows our local leaders to have more ability to adapt quickly to the changes in the local market. If customers want something, and they have to wait for area leaders to communicate with centralised leaders, it can result in unwanted delays, which may alienate top customers but it improves the morale throughout the company as managers and leaders at all levels believe they have a strong involvement in the success or failure of the company.


We, at ATS, believe in an all-around development, which contributes to various factions, like infrastructure, technology, safety and security, social welfare, and more. On these pillars of development, the ATS group stands proud, leading the charge for a better and stronger India.

  • Homekraft Infra Pvt. Ltd.
  • Parametrique
  • Fusionnet Web Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • All About Eve
  • Reclaim
  • Agoraa
  • Expertise

Innovations in Construction

Mr. Getamber Anand introduced a few new frontier technologies such as Aluminium Shuttering to improve the safety of buildings. This also resulted in the decrease of construction cost and increase in the efficiency of workforce. Self-climbing formwork to support structure for the construction of walls and other vertical structures without crane (driven by hydraulic and mechanical mechanisms).

Fire Management System

We have installed an addressable fire alarm system for each building/tower, which has eight integrated channel voice evacuation and addressable firefighting telephone system (which is normally installed in a five-star hotels and hospitals). The system gives the exact location of the fire, so the fire safety team can reach the alarm site or flat faster, in order to save life and property in case of an emergency. We can even programme the system at the pre-alarm mode, where it can generate an alarm 20 to 30 minutes before the actual alarm at the panel level and the fire attendants can go to the concerned flat owner and evade or abort the fire incident.

Optical fiber network/FTTH

This is a passive optical network. This short-haul network of fibre-optic cables is used for high bandwidth of multi-play applications. GPON is used for Internet access, Wi-Fi hotspots, video conferencing, IPTV and online gaming. The advantages of GPON are higher bandwidth, a higher split ratio, which allows better CAPEX utilisation, and better efficiencies.

Automation Compatible In-house Wiring

The automation and control of the home and all household activities to simplify a person's life is defined as home automation. It can enhance the quality of life and make it more convenient. Through home automation, one can control the lighting, alarms, household electronic devices, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and windows and doors remotely. Through connectivity with smartphones and tablets, the automation of homes has become much simpler and more efficient.

Dual Energy Prepaid Meter

A smart meter is an energy meter that allows the consumer to observe how much energy they are using. It directly sends all readings to the energy company, which computes the bills accordingly. Smart meters are accurate and reliable, allowing consumers to track how much electricity or gas they are using.

  • Associated technology on android app for pre-paid meter/IOS
  • User-friendly contactless pre-paid energy meter solution

All apartments are connected to the security office, main entrance and tower security guard through video conferencing for double assurance on visitors. Only authorised personnels are granted access to the premises. This video calling is free within the premises. Tag sensors boom barriers on entrance and exit to ensure that no unauthorised vehicle enter the premises.

Our Strengths

ATS has diligently followed set standards over the years. With green surroundings, modern architecture, world-class amenities and a host of convenient facilities, ATS offers the best property choices one can get. Being a progressive company, ATS always stands ready in order to stand out in the competitive market. With its strong in-house architectural, design and planning team and backed with a sound technical and construction capability as its core USP, ATS is synonymous with on-time delivery and world-class homes and commercial spaces. With security standards second to none, unparalleled maintenance, leisure at one’s arm’s length, grand entrance, separate kids' play areas, ATS provides world-class amenities all around.