Welcome to a home that is synonymous with wellness, that speaks volumes but away from the chaotic bustle, your own island of greens and calmness and, a perfect harmony of grandeur and earthly elements- Welcome to your very own wellness paradise at ATS Kingston Heath.  ATS is known for its spectacular homes that are well… Read More A Royal Escape: Experience Modern Living in the Regal Setting of ATS Kingston Heath

City life is becoming hectic, busy and noisy. Real estate buyers are looking for options that are serene, set up amidst nature, but close to all quintessential amenities and touchpoints. While scouting for a perfect home, there are multiple checklist pins that need to be ticked off and fulfilled, hence there are apprehensions of finding… Read More A Sanctuary for the Soul: Find Your Peace and Serenity at ATS Destinaire

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Celebrations, new beginnings and making significant choices are an integral part of Indian festivities, and, festive season has officially commenced in India. As happy spirits ride high, one of the most important decision that takes the centre stage for families is that of buying a property: a house they can call home!  With a dramatic… Read More Ready-to-Move-In Flats: New Favorites of Homebuyers This Festive Season

Envision yourself waking up among lush greenery and aromatic fragrances of fresh blossoms. Imagine living in a spacious and elegant home that mirrors your taste and personality, being part of a community that shares your values and aspirations, having access to amenities and facilities that enhance your lifestyle and well-being.  Imagine no more, because ATS… Read More A revelation of nature. A forefront of luxury. Find your home with ATS Destinaire

Spanish architecture needs no introduction; it is a personification of architectural marvels. Imagine a place that is landscaped on the canvas of nature, envisioned by eminent  architectural calibre, and situated away from the bustling city crowds. An abode you call home, that lets you breathe the airy blossoms of a Spanish neighbourhood.  Introducing to you,… Read More Spanish Opulence in the Heart of Noida City – ATS Picturesque Reprieves

Leading an active lifestyle is the secret to enjoying life to the fullest. From an invigorating morning run to a fun game of friendly football after work, being active offers immense benefits for physical and mental health. And cultivating an active lifestyle amid a lush carpet of greens? Well, that’s just icing on the cake. … Read More Being a good ‘sport’ – ATS Residences in Noida’s Sports City

For a long time, the most common configuration in Indian residential buildings has been 3 or more apartments per floor. However, in recent years, some developers have started constructing buildings with only 2 apartments per floor. This is because having too many apartments crammed into a single floor may adversely impact the quality of life… Read More Why More Than 2 Apartments Per Floor Is Too Many?

In the bustling city of Noida, where urbanization is rapidly transforming the landscape, the concept of low density residences has emerged as a beacon of tranquility and sustainable living.  At ATS, we understand the numerous advantages that low density residences offer.  From providing respite from the crowded and chaotic city life to providing the residents… Read More Why Choose Low-Density Residences in Noida