Consecutive 3rd year in a row, ATS Infrastructure has won two prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards 2016-17


Consecutive 3rd year in a row, ATS Infrastructure has won two awards in the official ceremony of Asia Pacific Property Awards held on 8 April, 2016 at Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

“Best Golf Development in India to ATS Golf Meadows Township”

“Developer Website of the Year”

The International Property Awards are one of the prestigious awards and open to residential and commercial property professionals from around the globe. The highest-scoring winners from each region are automatically entered into the overall International Awards, which ultimately determine the world’s finest property companies. Asia Pacific Property Awards 2016-2017 are the most acclaimed industry award throughout the Asia Pacific regions. This is an achievement which is recognised as the highest mark of excellence for property professionals.

Mr. Getamber Anand, CMD – ATS Group  says “It’s a moment of great pride for our organization. because Asia Pacific International Property awards are one of the unique award & we are winning the prestigious award consecutive 3rd year in a row and process being so rigorous makes it even more better. We are very sincere about what we do, and our product speaks about our qualities & organisation. ATS actually stands for Assurance Transparency Sincerity so that’s what reflects in our services and gives us feeling of extra ordinary & encourages us to participate and win the award. We will definitely strive to complete more projects and participate again in International Property Awards.”

About ATS Group

Since it’s establishment In 1998, ATS began building homes on the foundation of some core ethical values – assurance, transparency, sincerity and deep respect for nature.

ATS partnered with visionary architects who designed beautiful light-filled homes framed with expansive green outdoors. The group has always held the highest standards of quality in construction, management and maintenance of its properties, ensuring that it creates not just homes but delivers complete lifestyles of comfort, joy and serenity to residents.

Along with our homes, we are also known for our professionalism, transparency and customer focus. And it is for this reason that when they joy of living experience in the ATS Homes, they feel proud to tell their friends for the better way.  Hence, ATS is definitely ‘The better way home’.

Tallest Christmas tree in Greater Noida at ATS Dolce

Noida, 25 December, 2015:

Tallest Christmas tree of 30ft. height was made at the on-going Christmas Carnival at ATS Dolce, Zeta – 1, Greater Noida with a yummy delicacies, cache of gifts and surprises from Santa. Starting from 25th  till 27th December 2015, the event beckons young and old alike to visit and post their wishes on the ‘Wall of Wishes’, and have an exclusive date with Santa. A host of fun and entertaining activities are also organized to energise the atmosphere.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Neeraj Tyagi, Project Head, ATS Dolce said, “ATS has been building Outstanding Homes since 1998, making every customer feel special is second nature and it is one of the key factors driving everything we do. Christmas is a universal festival of joy and giving. Through this event, we want to add to the celebratory moments with a generous dose of ‘feel special’ elements”.

Post your wishes on the ATS Blog

Measuring Real Estate Risk: Historic or Forecast Return Variability

Historic Variability of Investment Returns in Real Estate Business can be decomposed into two components: Predictable and Non-Predictable.

Predictable returns in real estate when the series has auto regressive or other distinct patterns that give us a good idea of short-term future behaviour. This series that is quite predictable has in one sense less risk – because the future can be forecasted with some degree of confidence. A series that is largely unpredictable has almost complete uncertainty about its future – and in this sense great risk.

Real Estate is that category of assets which is largely privately owned, with less than efficient asset pricing. With inefficient pricing, positive (uncertain) shocks will always set off a rise and fall in asset prices that easily can be predicted.

When there are predictable components to real estate returns, these returns can and should be forecast forward – rather than simply using historic variability.

The total future risk of real estate assets has two components: the variability of the forecast return and the uncertainty surrounding that forecast. The variability of the future forecast is based only on the predictable component – the forecast ‘model’. It ignores the random factors that generated much of the historic variability. Forecasts are quite useful, but they understate the true likely future variability of the data being forecast.

A real estate forecast that asset income and price varying over time because of predictable factors (the ‘model’) actually has less risk than its predictability variability.We can always insure hedge or plan for the predicted variability.

A much greater source of true return risk is the uncertainty that the forecast will not be correct!

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Get Found Online: Pull than Push

Get Found Online. Optimize. Pull than Push.

The customers are in more active role in online marketing than marketers. It’s equally important to understand the user behavior along with algorithms to enhance the search marketing experience.

Make a ‘Pull’ strategy than traditional ‘Push’ media such as TV or print ads. Building brand value online and make the site easily found makes it pleasant for the user to search. It’s always eminent to be higher up in the first page of the search results than lower.


‘The area marked red is looked at the most’

With the set of correct keywords the users will find your web pages and the ‘Pull’ strategy will be in action. The successive Search Marketing ultimately leads to lower budget in Traditional ‘Push’ vertical.

While customers are being pulled to your web pages, monitoring user experience along with deep understanding of algorithms should become a practice for a marketer.

Algorithms help people find the best information on the web. Marketers should perpetually update with different algorithm changes. Algorithms also known as ‘Behind the scenes’ feature for any Google search.


Creating search experience as nice as possible for the user:

Creating content:

The theme of the page plays a big role in ranking along with the content which should be good and consistent. It’s likely that a page gets a higher rank when theme of the page is in accord.

Content consists of the following attributes:

If content is good, linking becomes an important feature. If your page only contains links and no other content, the algorithms will most likely rank your page lower.


Having a unique and clean URL builds your brand online as it gives user distinctive image of what the page is about by merely looking at URL than a URL which has no relation to the page. Users are more likely to click on URL which is clear and includes a title tag.

Language Tag:

Google uses location and language features to share the best search results to the user. Algorithms have language tags to establish the target audience of the page.

Title Tag:

The header of the website page is the first sign for the algorithms to match the search. Title Tag is must for building branding online as it’s good to have your brand name in the title as users start relating keywords with your brand.


‘The area marked red is a Title Tag’

Text on webpage:

A marketer assesses the quality of text on the page. Algorithms go through these pages and identify these keywords and content and make your page relevant for a user to search. As a practice, valuable and relevant content creates an invaluable search experience.

Copy text from another page is not advisable as Algorithms always does the quality check for the text. So, having a text which is pleasant to read and searchers want to read adds value to your brand online.


Choosing the right keywords to increase website traffic?

Count on keywords that reveal your web page which makes your search rankings convenient on first page. Research and suggestions from colleagues are always welcome to choose the best set of keywords.

Understanding User behavior, Pull strategy and Algorithms are advisable to make SEO successful for your brand like it is planned in traditional marketing. Create great content that will rank your website higher in Google search.