ATS Destinaire Greater Noida: A lifestyle complemented with sophisticated amenities By: WireDus, February 6, 2024

People today see success in an upgraded standard of living. As corporate workers take one step up on the corporate ladder, they expect a bigger car, an expensive smartphone, dine-outs at fancier restaurants, and frequent holidays abroad. These pleasures of life are often momentary and short-lived, as we crave more after achieving every new milestone. So, what exactly is the true definition of a good lifestyle that brings everlasting happiness? Why do we think that the quest for long-lived happiness is an elusive dream? All we need is a home for our family, good education for our children, and good health for our parents. This is everything required to bring a sense of joy, contentment, and accomplishment. This brings true happiness that is not cyclic and momentary.

When we refer to ‘home’ in today’s time, we mean a home where we feel secure and have easy access to everything we need. The current generations select homes that are spacious and promote community living. Their preference for large 3BHK and 4 BHK apartments is going to stay, as they are willing to invest more. During the lockdown, people realised the need for more space at home, with an extra room for setting up workstations and another for gym equipment. A 4BHK apartment in ATS Destinaire, Greater Noida, supports remote work and flexible living. Although companies are bringing employees back to the office, the demand for large homes remains high and is expected to stay so in 2024. The reason behind this positive outlook is that people want homes that strike a balance between comfort, functionality, and adaptability to changing work environments.

Another factor driving the demand for homes is A-grade developers who fulfil their promises of completing projects and handing over the keys on time. One such A-grade residential property developer in Greater Noida is ATS Infrastructure, which has launched the residential project named ATS Destinaire and is open for possession. The developer is distinguished by qualities such as transparency, quality construction, innovation, sustainability, timely delivery, and buyer satisfaction. Homebuyers are sure to get the maximum value out of their investment.

As we have understood until now, affordability is no longer the sole factor essential for home buyers when making a home-buying decision. Other factors that have come into play include amenities, well-designed interiors, thought-out green spaces, and a strong structure. ATS Destinaire, located in Greater Noida West, gives its residents an unmatched experience of forest living. This high-end project, employing the Miyawaki technique, is surrounded by a lush 4.75-acre artificial forest. The forest encompasses more than 50,000 naturally flourishing trees as its serene backdrop. The ultimate benefit to people living in ATS apartments and overseeing this abundant greenery is the purification of the air through the absorption of 30 times the amount of carbon dioxide, in addition to replenishing the groundwater while fostering a habitat for birds and insects. The residential project is blessed with many lifestyle amenities, such as:

 • State-of-the-art clubhouse for socialising and entertainment.

 • Banquet halls for organising festive events and hosting guests during pre-wedding functions, retirement parties, and birthday parties.

 • Indoor gaming zones, such as a mini soccer area and squash court, for ultimate fun.

 • Outdoor sports courts, including a badminton court, lawn tennis court, and basketball court for friendly matches with neighbours.

 • Open gym for the convenience of fitness enthusiasts.

 • A clean and well-maintained swimming pool exclusively for residents of all ages.

 • Well-maintained and safe play area for children.

 • Proximity to malls, hospitals, schools, and offices.

 • Gated property with 24×7 CCTV surveillance and guarded entrances.

 • Close location to the FNG, Noida Expressway, and NH-24 for convenient commuting.

 • Close proximity to a metro station, providing an advantage for those who prefer to travel by metro to save time and avoid traffic.

The Final Word

ATS Infrastructure is well aware of the evolving preferences of homebuyers and has therefore incorporated a plethora of amenities into its ATS Destinaire project. Those seeking a home in Greater Noida West with abundant amenities and luxuries for a comfortable lifestyle can consider buying a 3BHK or 4BHK apartment in ATS Destinaire. An apartment in this property is more than just living space; it blends convenience and luxury seamlessly. Its strategic location, coupled with world-class construction quality and spacious interiors and exteriors, makes this property an attractive choice for those seeking a home that complements their modern lifestyle. As Greater Noida West continues to evolve, investing in an apartment here will prove to be a profitable decision.