How is Gurugram real estate a safe investment option for NRIs? By: WireDus, February 17, 2024

India today is a global economic powerhouse, all thanks to the determined and focused approach of the government and its people. India is a different story altogether compared to a decade ago, owing to its strengthened manufacturing capability and capacity, digitization, and export orientation. The country quickly recovered from the pandemic blow and became the fifth-largest economy in the world. Not only Indians, but people all across the world, including NRIs, are recognising the country’s potential and believing in its growth story in the years to come. Indian real estate is a soaring sector projected to become a $650 billion industry by 2025 and US$1 trillion by 2030. 

Investment plans for non-resident Indians (NRIs) in India are not limited to bank fixed deposits, equity, bonds, or a couple of government-backed savings schemes with fixed returns. Their favourite investment option, however, is real estate. Over the last five years, NRIs have infused substantial investments into this sector. NRI real estate investments in the Indian market constituted around 10% pre-COVID, and once all sectors recovered, the investments in real estate increased to 15%. This investment value is expected to increase to 20% in two years.

The factors contributing to this rise include:

• Increased rental yield

• Favourable government policies

• Continued depreciation of the Indian rupee

• The sector’s resilience in the face of adversity

Delhi, NCR, is one of the destinations where many NRIs express interest in buying property, either for personal use or for their families in India. Their clear preference is spacious living space, which is why they are more inclined towards buying 3 BHK and 4 BHK residential units. The majority of NRIs intend to shell out over INR 1 crore to invest in premium properties. That’s where Gurugram comes in. The robustness and persistence of the Gurugram real estate market have led to unprecedented growth. Given the rising demand, the city saw a staggering 43.2% rise in average real estate rates. The booming real estate market, proximity to Delhi, improving infrastructure, and immense job opportunities have made this city appealing to both Indians and NRIs alike. These factors have led to an increase in housing prices; however, there is still some potential.

NRIs can find good deals on Gurugram properties if they know where to look. Dwarka expressway has emerged as a sought-after destination for real estate investments, thanks to its affordability, infrastructural development, strategic positioning, and seamless connectivity to IGI International Airport, Cyber City, Delhi, and Manesar. One of the many USPs of living close to the Dwarka expressway is the emergence of a diplomatic enclave, approved by the Cabinet. This will be the second diplomatic enclave after Chanakyapuri. The expansive expressway facilitates easier and faster travel around the city for residents. Moreover, as the Dwarka Expressway is poised to become India’s first 8-lane highway, travel times are expected to halve. This development has spurred the creation of numerous new residential and commercial projects. There are abundant options for 3BHK and 4BHK apartments in Gurugram, offered by reputable developers like ATS Infrastructure, providing a wide array of choices for prospective NRI buyers. These are premium properties in gated communities that are both safe and convenient to live in.

Gurugram’s Appeal in the Real Estate Sector

NRI buyers can invest in the city as it offers a combination of tradition and modernity. In the past, the city has attracted many investors worldwide as its market symbolises grandeur. The city’s appeal extends beyond being a thriving employment hub, with its prominent skyscrapers, robust health and educational systems, abundant business opportunities, modern amenities, high growth potential, and quality lifestyle.

NRIs can maximize their Gurugram real estate investment by:

• Thoroughly researching the market and understanding the factors that influence property prices.

• Investing only in RERA-registered properties offered by reliable developers, such as ATS Infrastructure.

• Investing in ready-to-move-in properties, like ATS Marigold, as these properties are lucrative and have lower associated risks.

• Holding onto the property for a longer duration will yield a good ROI.

To sum up, the NRI community can take advantage of enormous opportunities in Gurugram real estate investment without any fear. Government regulations, like RERA, along with digitisation of land records, have also made the buying process smooth and efficient. NRIs considering investing in residential property in Gurugram can be assured of great rental yields and better capital appreciation.