Banquet hall in ATS Destinaire and its purpose By: WireDus, February 17, 2024

Bringing family, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, and/or colleagues together to celebrate special occasions and festivals evokes happy emotions like love, admiration, excitement, happy tears, pride, amusement, interest, and more, all of which are essential to living a quality life. Get-togethers are important to connect and make memories.

Indian culture is vast; therefore, there are many social, cultural, or religious celebrations throughout the year, which provide an opportunity to bring people together for celebration. Celebrations enable people to put their everyday life stresses behind them and cherish the things in life that truly matter. These times often allow us to contemplate our life’s purpose and the importance of our relationships with those around us. What if we could often connect with others and celebrate without travelling far from home? Yes, you heard it right. Having a banquet hall near your apartment is an added benefit.

A spacious multi-purpose hall, like every other amenity within the apartment building, makes the lives of its residents easier. 

Now, let’s discover the purposes of living in an apartment with amenities like a banquet hall:

Venue for birthday and anniversary parties: A banquet hall in ATS Destinaire is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate guests to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. The arrangements can be made to create sections for music and dance, banquet and formal seating, along with decor and food.

Social gatherings among the residents: Society members can gather in this hall for meetings to address critical issues or casually convene to foster networking and social connections. Residents who join such gatherings organised by the apartment homeowners association and various clubs typically enjoy a rich social life and quality relationships, which are necessary for living a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Venue for pre-wedding functions: A wedding is a big event for the couple and their families and friends. The spacious hall within the apartment premises serves as an ideal setting for various pre-wedding ceremonies, including rituals, mehendi, and haldi, accommodating enough guests for these festivities. As it is situated close to home, the hall creates a welcoming atmosphere for all guests. 

Indoor activity area: The apartment building already has sports courts for fitness enthusiasts, but there are still some practices, like yoga and meditation, that need indoor and quiet space, which can be accommodated in this multipurpose hall.

Gaming Zone for kids: Why do little ones miss the fun? Parents and society authorities can organise play dates or a game zone for kids of the society on Children’s Day and other special days in a banquet hall. The space can be turned into a carnival for kids with all the indoor play activities and games.

All reputed real estate developers in Delhi NCR, including ATS Infrastructure, are coming up with residential projects featuring sophisticated amenities for the utmost comfort of their potential buyers. If you want to invest in residential property in Greater Noida West, away from the city’s hustle and bustle, then ATS Destinaire is the right apartment to invest in. Living in this apartment will make your life simpler by giving you all the finest features and amenities you need in close proximity, along with a forest living experience. ATS Infrastructure plans and develops all its residential projects with the needs of today’s homebuyers in mind. A banquet hall or party hall is one of the thoughtfully designed amenities that sets ATS Destinaire apart from the rest. The multi-purpose hall, apart from making the lives of apartment residents easier, will also ensure their safety due to the necessary safety measures taken by the developer.