ATS Tourmaline: Ensuring Safe & Secure Neighbourhoods for Kids By: WireDus, April 1, 2024

Parents aspiring for a magnificent life for their kids often look for an ideal home to live in. What exactly is considered an ideal home? It’s a residence that can meet the demands of life with kids. A home in a location where kids can safely play and is near amenities, such as a school and hospital. The entire process of searching for that perfect family home feels exciting, but when you actually get into it, it becomes challenging. End your tedious search for a family-friendly property at ATS Tourmaline. It’s a gated community with many accessible amenities that cater to the growing needs of children.

How is it a kid-friendly property?

Security: Safety is a major concern that every homebuyer must keep at the top of his or her mind. ATS Tourmaline is a gated community with guards stationed at the entry and exit points. There are designated play areas specifically designed for children. Potential homebuyers who wish to settle in Gurugram can book a property tour to experience top-of-the-line security firsthand. By exploring the neighbourhood and assessing the safety measures within the apartment building, prospective homebuyers can ensure that it is a safe place for their family to live a happy and comfortable life.

Non-vehicular play zone: Parents can freely send their kids to play every evening, as there is a non-vehicular play zone in ATS Tourmaline. This play area is dedicated to kids of all ages and enables children to spend their playtime productively instead of in front of a television or video game. A dedicated time for free play positively impacts the development of kids. Spending quality time with other kids helps them develop cognitive, emotional, and social skills, including coordination, self-confidence, and self-esteem, in addition to listening, communicating, sharing, taking turns, making compromises, overcoming shyness, and resolving conflict. Give them an environment that promotes their physical and emotional well-being. Kids can easily access this zone without leaving the housing complex.

Kid safe 4ft.-height balcony grill: When it comes to high-rise apartments, they are often considered unsafe for children and the elderly. But ATS Tourmaline has come up with a solution to this inherent risk with a 4-foot-height balcony grill in a child-friendly design. Kids allured to balconies cannot climb the sleek, vertical grill. Parents can have peace of mind, knowing their children are safe on balconies. 

Urban green spaces: Beautiful gardens and walking trails within the apartment building provide ample space for kids to run freely and enjoy their time with friends, parents, or grandparents. Open spaces like these offer them respite from the boredom of being confined within the four walls of a home. Breathing fresh air and engaging in physical activity are much better for their mental and physical health than screen time. Children in ATS Tourmaline can stay close to nature without leaving their community.

Generally, kids are as fearless, friendly, curious, and energetic as they should be. They can play carefree in a gated community with all the child-friendly amenities and facilities, like a play area, indoor games room, swimming pool, badminton court, basketball court and more. This safe and secure environment is necessary to spend their free time with family and neighbourhood friends. 

Besides lush green outdoors and a safe and secure neighbourhood for kids and adults, ATS Tourmaline promises its residents sunlit apartments and well-maintained facilities. When you start living in ATS Tourmaline, you will realise your beautiful dream is coming true every single day. 

An apartment in ATS Tourmaline is a priceless investment in the developmental well-being of your kids. ATS residents become one family and are therefore known for safe, engaging, and thriving neighbourhoods.