Well-Constructed Outdoor Sports Courts to Benefit Communities (ATS Marigold) By: WireDus, April 1, 2024

A famous quote by Tony Dorsett, the NFL Running Back, states, ‘To succeed… You need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.’ This statement holds true when it comes to sports. Sports are essential, especially for children, as this activity encourages physical fitness, builds social skills, and strengthens relationships with fellow players. Not only for kids, but sports also serve as a powerful tool for releasing stress and reducing depression and anxiety in adults, in addition to strengthening community ties. It’s the first step you can take towards better health and wellbeing. Sports inspire and motivate individuals to perform better in their studies and professional lives as well. What’s better than living in an apartment with top-of-the-line sports facilities? ATS Marigold is your go-to apartment if you are seeking a home with modern facilities.

Let’s delve deeper into the benefits that the well-constructed outdoor sports courts at ATS Marigold can offer to the community.

Anytime access to sports: Easily accessible sports courts offer both children and adults the opportunity to play their favourite sports anytime during the day. Those who play sports year-round with access to the courts tend to be self-confident and have a healthy body and a better social life.

Learning qualities: Sports teach individuals qualities that cannot be taught elsewhere, such as discipline, friendship, patience, leadership, resilience, and teamwork. Those who engage in sports often exhibit greater mental stability and strength in comparison to those who do not. With perseverance and willpower, they can achieve anything in life.

Strengthening bonds and connections: Sports courts can act as a hub for community gatherings, in addition to hosting tournaments on weekends. With access to sports facilities, the ATS Marigold community can foster a sense of competition and teamwork. Children can receive professional training every day, making sports courts a valuable resource for both children and the wider community.

Explore the Sports Courts at ATS Marigold:

ATS Marigold offers all the essential sports courts and facilities required by the residents. Individuals with so many choices at hand can pick one or more to suit their interests, thereby better utilising their time and keeping boredom at bay. ATS residents can enjoy a relaxing swim in the pool or burn those extra calories in the gym. In addition to these facilities, they can also indulge in their favourite sports with friends or family.

Tennis court: ATS Marigold integrated a well-planned tennis court into its premises, allowing residents to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle alongside the luxury of modern living. Residents can conveniently access the sports court to play tennis matches. The low-maintenance surface ensures consistent bounce and speed so that the players can achieve smoother strokes. 

Basketball court: ATS Marigold features a court designed with optimal space utilisation and players’ safety in mind. This easy-to-maintain sports court is resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

An ATS home is the home of choice for skilled sports professionals or those just starting out on their fitness journey. An apartment with multi-use sports facilities presents opportunities for socialising, offers convenience, and improves the quality of life. Residents of ATS Marigold do not have to pay hefty fees for the gym or any sports facility when they have free access to these amenities. These facilities also eliminate travel costs when everything you need is just a few steps from home.

Each member of the ATS home can indulge in their game of choice without enrolling in or registering for any sports club. They can access any sport they want at any time without any extra fees. Not just one or two members, now; the entire family can enjoy sports together.

Book your ATS home today to enjoy the convenience of accessible sports facilities that can promote your physical as well as mental health. If you are considering moving to a new apartment, it’s worth exploring ATS Marigold, which offers well-constructed outdoor sports courts.